8 things to keep in mind when choosing a Performance Marketing Agency for your startup

  by Salik Faraz on 10th November, 2022 01:09 PM

In a world filled with too many Digital Marketing Agencies, it’s important to choose the right agency so that your precious time, efforts and money are not wasted. Keep the following 8 points in mind to ensure significant impact on your business growth:

Generalist vs Specialist – Digital marketing agencies claiming to do everything from Performance to SEO and Social Media will not help you with focused growth.

● Strategic Approach – An agency which just focuses on execution while taking strategic inputs from you is not right for your growth. Instead, you should look for an agency which works like your growth partner and can help you scale by leaps and bounds.

● Account Managers with relevant experience & good educational pedigree can help you plan for and navigate through new & complex situations comfortably.

Don’t Miss:

● Audit – If you already have an existing performance marketing setup, get a thorough audit done before engagement to check the quality of observations & recommendations

● Run a Pilot Phase for the first 2-3 months to assess the capabilities of the agency in delivering performance and understand the cultural fit.

● Size of the Agency – Bigger agencies tend to focus more on bigger clients, managing small startups on the sidelines so you should avoid them.

● Clients Served – An agency with exposure to your industry can leverage their past experience for you.

● Turnaround Time committed by the agency for execution of day-to-day tasks should be minimum while ensuring quality.

Hope this checklist helps you in finding the right agency like Holistik Digital that fulfills your growth needs with best performance marketing strategy.