Building an E-commerce business and still don’t know about DPA Ads ?

  by Salik Faraz on 9th September, 2022 07:01 AM

Suppose you want to buy running shoes and you are researching on the internet to identify the right brand. Within a few hours, your internet feed will start showing different types of running shoes in your Facebook feed, Instagram reels etc. Let us understand why and how this happens.

Facebook Ads allow you to target an audience using different types of Ads. One such Ad type is Dynamic Product Ads ( DPA ), which uses an individual person’s data to show him the Ad of products or services which he/she has searched for on the internet. This makes DPA more personalized and targeted, resulting in better conversions and better ROI for your business.

Benefits of DPA :

•  Show Ads from your entire product catalogue.
•  Show relevant products to the relevant audience.
•  Save time and efforts for designing creatives for individual products.
•  Cross-selling & Upselling opportunities.

This might look complex but is very simple to use, you just need to upload your product catalogue. So when are you starting DPA for your business?