Still unsure if you should go for Performance Marketing or Brand Marketing ?

  by Salik Faraz on 9th September, 2022 07:03 AM

On hearing the words ‘Digital Marketing‘, what comes in your mind? You are probably thinking about Social media post, SEO, Likes, Engagement, and other strategies to bring in revenue and high-intent users. Contrary to popular opinion, though, Likes ≠ Revenue. These Digital Marketing metrics can be grouped into 3 major categories-Performance marketing, Brand marketing, and Organic.

Clearly, all 3 have their own importance, but which one should you focus on? And at what stage of your startup?

• If you are an early stage startup, Performance marketing will be the key to unlock your growth.
• Mid stage startups can combine Performance marketing with Brand Marketing for growth.
• SEO can be run in parallel as it takes months and years to deliver meaningful results.

So, are you ready to leverage Performance Marketing to take your startup on a hyper growth curve?