Case Study Simsim – Scaled Campaign by 20x

Right Approach and Sustained Efforts can get any startup on a hyper-growth curve.

About simsim (Acquired by Google)

Simsim, Performance Marketing services by Holistik Digital
Giving the shopaholics a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, simsim is an Indian startup based in Delhi NCR. It’s a vernacular social commerce platform that aims to revolutionize the e-commerce space by helping consumers to choose from multitude of products through videos created by influencers in four different languages – Hindi, Tamil, Bengali & English.


  • To understand which major marketing channels will work for simsim

  • Bring the desired number of Orders per month while lowering the Cost Per Order gradually

  • Scale each marketing platform to achieve a hyper-growth curve



Google and Facebook turned out to be major marketing channels


Scaled campaigns by 20x within 24 months


Achieved lowest CPO in the social commerce category across Google and Facebook

How We Achieved Results

Finding the Optimal Account Structure

Tested multiple campaign types across Google and Facebook for app and website such as search, display and shopping campaigns on Google and website conversions & DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) campaigns on Facebook to arrive at the optimal account structure

Discovering the Best Audience
Tested multiple audience types based on product categories, language and level of user engagement with the app and website to find the audience that performs best in terms of scale and cost-efficiency
A/B Testing Creatives Extensively
Tested creatives exhaustively with different layouts, content and messaging to achieve the lowest possible CPO across Google and Facebook
Devising the Perfect Communication Strategy
Through an exhaustive set of campaigns and creatives testing, we devised the perfect communication strategy for different product types and campaigns

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