Case Study Young Artiste – Got 10000+ Qualified Leads in Just 2 Months

Talent Hunt for Music and Dance has never been so easy !

About Young Artiste

Young Artiste, Performance Marketing services by Holistik Digital
Young Artiste 2020 is an Online Talent Competition for 11-18 year old school students across India in 20 different categories across Vocal, Instrumental and Dance. The ethos of the program is to promote the Arts among Indian Youth, to provide an equal platform to all students where they can express their artistic talents and stand a chance to receive accreditation, scholarship grants and recognition for their skills.


  • To understand which major marketing channels can bring the right participants

  • Bring 10000+ qualified leads within 3 months

  • Build social media presence for Young Artiste



Facebook turned out to be the major marketing channel, Google and TikTok didn’t work


Got 10000+ qualified leads within just 2 months at a very limited budget


Built a follower based on 5-10k across Facebook and Instagram

How We Achieved Results

Testing Different Channels Quickly
Tested a few campaigns across three major performance marketing channels (Google, Facebook/Instagram and TikTok) and concluded that Facebook/Instagram can give the desired volume and quality of leads
Discovering the Best Audience
Tested multiple audience types based on art-form categories and language to find the audience that performs best in terms of scale and cost-efficiency
A/B Testing Creatives Extensively
Tested creatives exhaustively with different layouts, content and messaging to achieve the lowest possible Cost Per Lead across Google and Facebook
Finding the Best Categories
We just didn’t stop at the campaign level, but deep-dived into the lead quality and volume at category level to find and suggest the most popular categories which helped them to achieve the desired number of participants (10k+) within such a limited time (2 months)

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